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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

Charity - Ongoing 10% To the Bottom Line

this is the very essence ov HUMANITARIAN

Most important to make your own choices
be of your own free will and
realise this is not buying something
this is the art ov giving

That's the impersonal YOU out there on the desert floor you know

best to use distributors like


World Vision



Save The Children Fund

Amnesty International

Green Peace

these are modern, educated, humanitarian and
well sorted as far as getting the food and help through

BPAY arangements with your internet and/or phone banking works great
- like 30 seconds and its done

the websites should explain any questions you may have

no-one is exempt

this Principle applies to everyone and everything

from a child contributing 10% ov it's pocket money

to a pensioner in the west

to a streety on a psychiatric pension in the west

to any adult

to a dot com (domain/web site - entity)

to a business/company (an entity)

to a government (an entity)

to an institution (an entity)

things just function Naturally when this principle is applied

IF we were betting people -

ANYONE who recons they're 'hard done by' or
'things just are'nt going right'

we'd lay 10 to 1 they're YET TO TRY contributing regularly

one more thing

participating in this stuff (ongoing) may well be the largest surge of peace
and feeling ov being part ov something that you EVER GET in your whole life