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Humanity BaseLine: Grace


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State Ov Mankind

this is as good as it gets for 1000 years

still flowing 10% to its own bottom line and supporting itself in bliss

energy flow is hyper speed and second derivative

this is why the hippies still traded in gemstones

grace is primarily maintained by energy flow reference

energy now has a 1018 spread and is seen as
necessary energy reference units to maintain hyper flow

ya gotta reference something kiddo - it's just the way it is

1000 year bodies have been reactivated

70 years old is now only 7% of a life span

everyone is in a state ov youth even though they are 50, 70, 90 etc.

the women all turned into Nubile Maidens

nature is full on magical

many areas full on revegetated

- seasons returning - rainfall much more natural

(the 'Hotplates' were now covered in trees)

everything is in a state ov abundance

art, creativity and performance are very strong

data now comes at you faster than you can percieve it

like how many movies can a person watch in one day

how many movies can a person watch at once

how many movies can a person make in one day

many opt for natural feral type existance

parties, drugs, creativity, performance, te-pees, villages, communes

many opt for vegetarian

for many years it was generally claimed

vegatarianism could support 20 times more than animal farming on the same land
(google search)

(or 20 times less land to feed the same amount)

(somehow we thought that meant ~120 billion - at the time the population was ~6 billion)

we currently (2015) produce enough food for ~10 billion people

with a population currently ov ~7.3 billion people

~70% ov the grain was being fed to pigs/chickens/cows (animal farming)

because ov the new desalination plants released in (2015)

now filter sea water straight from the ocean (~1/2 billion cubic meters per day into israel)

we can now revegetate arid areas and grow considerably more food if needed

link: - abundant energy/water/food/fuel

population doesn't explode because people are not desperate and dying anymore

after 1000 years ov this you are set into

the wild untamed ultra-violent universe as a full blown immortal

- ready for annihilation and regeneration at any moment

- strangely peaceful - able to generate souls

- able to create living worlds in grains ov sand ov your own to inhabit, etc...........

the choice is yours - use your freedom ov choice